Catholic College Aborts a Kennedy!

Looks like the Bishops are finally cracking down on the liberal nonsense going on at Catholic colleges in the U.S.! An invitation to Ted Kennedy’s widow, Victoria Kennedy to deliver a commencement speech at Anna Maria College in Massachusetts has just been withdrawn.

College cancels Kennedy’s commencement speech under pressure from Worcester bishop

A small Catholic college that invited Victoria Kennedy to speak at its spring commencement has rescinded the offer under pressure from the Worcester bishop, who cited her apparent political views as being out of line with Catholic teachings.

Anna Maria College in Paxton, west of Worcester, released a statement today placing the decision at the feet of Bishop Robert McManus.

“The College feels strongly that it followed the appropriate process leading to its initial invitation,” the statement said. “The College also maintains its belief in the appropriateness of recognizing Mrs. Kennedy’s many contributions to the societal issues they both share, especially her work with gun control and the safety of children.”

However, it continued, “concerns were expressed about the College being in conflict with the Bishop and hosting an event that could create negative publicity and a difficult situation for both Mrs. Kennedy and AMC. … After hours of discerning and struggling with elements of all sides of this issue, the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees decided with deep regret to withdraw its invitation.” READ MORE


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