Are The Hunger Games Far Fetched?

Some of us have had the good fortune to be dragged to this week’s mania movie, The Hunger Games.   I did not see the story as fictional, as my 11 year old daughter did.

The Capitol city in the nation of Panem, was surrounded by 12 districts, each providing a necessary task to the whole.  The districts provided agriculture, lumber, mining, grain, transportation, livestock, masonry, technology, fishing, power, textile with one district making luxury goods that decorate and beautify the Capitol.  This district existed purely to keep the Capitol and residence bedazzled. (any of this sounding familiar?)

In the movie, a boy and a girl are chosen, annually, from each district, to battle to the death until one “Tribute” remains.  This was done on big outdoor screens throughout the country, complete with “survivor” type commentator to keep the storyline fresh and exciting and a team of technicians that could manipulate the scenes and storyline.

We have an elite class in our country, made up of politicos, rich and the ultimate swells that are fancy, flamboyant and ultimately live life with ease.  They sit back, with all of the power of government and media messaging, untouched by the daily lives of the people in the “districts”. They are perfectly happy to watch the “districts” toil for the Capitol and fight among themselves providing unending entertainment.

In the Hunger Games, when a district started to rebel and riot, President Snow was quick to throw an attractive storyline into the games, that would catch their attention (read shiney bobble) and violence was tapped down.   He was clear that the people in the districts were not to be given too much hope, because with too much hope, the people are too difficult to control. “A little hope is effective, a lot of hope is dangerous”

Lest we forget “Hope Is The Only Thing More Powerful Than Fear”.

The greatest part of the Hunger Games where the people who did not play the game, but kept their humanity.

I live out here in one of the districts.  I must remember not to fight the other districts, but to join together to fight the machine that wants to control us.

I vow not to play the game that the Capitol has set up for me, but to rebel against the power, with all of my humanity remaining intact.

“May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor”


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