FL Democrats: What Does Their Future Hold?

I just agonized through the ramblings of Kenneth Quinnell about what the future holds for Florida Democrats. Quinnell is a progressive Democrat who manages the Florida Progressive Coalition Blog.

As Quinnell points out, democrats’ presence in Tallahassee is pretty bleak given they are in the minority in both legislative bodies and they hold no cabinet office. The only sign of life over there in the Democrat Party is with Obama’s Organizing For America (OFA) campaign machine. Talk about the cult of personality, their whole existence revolves around Obama.

The absence of one key Florida Democrat figure in Quinnell ‘s analysis, I found curious. Obama’s very own handpicked chair of the DNC,  Debbie Wasserman-Schultz of Florida gets no mention in the mapping out of the future for the Democrat Party in Florida. That speaks volumes of her incompetence and shortsightedness as a political leader.

You know things are bad over there in the Democrat Party when the consensus is that Charlie Crist is their best shot at winning the governorship in 2014. Quinnell mocks the notion of Alex Sink running again. I would agree that Sink may not have run a great campaign, but as democrats go, Sink is actually one of the more competent and reasonable ones. As for Charlie Crist, he is an empty suit and he will do whatever it takes to get elected. The democrats are more than welcomed to keep tan-man!

Not surprisingly, Quinnell sees the future of the Democrat Party with progressive activism, which is his realm of existence. In a nutshell, his solution is for democrats to chase Governor Rick Scott around Florida with Susannah Randolph and her pink bed sheet that reads “Pink Slip Rick” and in the crime-plagued Occupy Movement. Perhaps we will see their campaign messaging in chalk on our sidewalks in front of public buildings and their campaign trail will be littered with tents and sleeping bags.

That is not much of a future.

If you are so inclined, you can read Quinnell’s blog for yourself  HERE




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