Priest: Why is Obama so Intent on Destroying Catholic Ministries? He’s a Socialist

Priests and deacons are now being allowed, or perhaps even encouraged, to speak to their parishes about the obamacare mandate that will force Catholics to violate their moral consciences.

Obama is treading on thin ice. Attacking the Catholic community in an election year is not a wise move!

Obama cannot take the Catholic vote for granted. In the presidential election of 2008, Obama won 54 % of the Catholic votes to McCain’s 45%.  However, in the 2004 election, John Kerry, a Catholic, only carried 47% of the Catholics while 52% voted for George Bush. Many Catholics are not loyal to one political party.

Democrats, like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the MSNBC anchors are desperately trying to shift the narrative away from religious liberty to that of reproductive rights. Even going so far as saying the GOP has declared a war on women. But, the Bishops aren’t fooled. They realize that it is actually the Democrat Party that has declared war. And, it is the Catholic Church that has come under-attack.

Below is a homily about religious liberty that is being preached from Catholic pulpits. Boy, I hope Pelosi, Biden, Sebellius, and every single one of the Kennedy family were in the pews for this one!


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