Unions Don’t Put Kids FIRST

Unions pretend to have our children’s interests at heart, but that just simply isn’t so. We are watching this play out in Tallahassee in the Parent Trigger battle. During the civil rights years, we saw black kids being kept OUT of schools due to segregation laws. Today, we are seeing unions try to keep kids trapped IN failing schools.

When teacher unions go beyond issues of pay & working conditions, they jeopardize the education of our children. We must return the power back to the parents! It is THEY who truly have their kids’ best interest at heart!

Parent trigger vote to test labor’s new unity

The expected Senate vote on Thursday over giving parents the right to order turn-around programs at their struggling schools is less about parents and more about undercutting the role of Florida’s powerful teacher’s unions, say labor organizers. Read more at Naked Politics


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