I always called Andrew Breitbart my Rock Star

Yesterday, I read that Andrew Breitbart had died and I dismissed it right away as a hoax.

As I started to read tweets from his inner circle of conservative bloggers, I reluctantly came to the sad realization that it was indeed true. Although…. I won’t deny that I still have this small childlike hope that Andrew Breitbart will re-appear.

Without a doubt, Andrew Breitbart was the most courageous conservative in the movement. He was a loyal and unapologetic defender of the tea party.  Perhaps most importantly, Andrew Breitbart energized conservatives into action by making the fight fun and exciting. He encouraged us to go toward the fire.

Andrew Breitbart as a husband and father is someone who I didn’t know. From the accounts of  his friends, I learned his passion for politics was only second to his great love for his family. As a parent of four kids myself, my heart breaks for his wife and four young kids that he has left behind. I pray that they find comfort in knowing that Andrew was a man whose courage, intellect, and zest for life inspired Americans to seek the truth and make right the path of our country.

I don’t think Andrew Breitbart ever realized how BIG  his legacy would be. His legacy will carry the conservative movement through the battle into victory.



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