FL Media Headline Mocks Santorum’s Catholic Faith

Today, at the Tampa Bay Times’ political blog called “The Buzz”, Alex Leary posted a headline that mocks Rick Santorum for his speech about good and evil which he delivered at a Florida Catholic college in Naples, Florida called Ave Maria. Liberals in the media should tread lightly when they ridicule Christians for their beliefs.

FEBRUARY 22, 2012

In Florida, years ago, Santorum conjured up Satan. Today, it’s a problem.

Satan is dogging Rick Santorum on the campaign trail.

Santorum’s rise has come with increased scrunity, including a 2008 speech he made at Ave Maria University in Naples in which he said Satan was attacking America. Read More

I would encourage all Christians to listen to Rick Santorum’s full speech. In 2008, this speech was largely ignored by the masses. But now, Santorum’s words will be heard by tens of thousands more. His personal testimony that he shares with his fellow Catholics at Ave Maria will inspire people of faith to stand up for the Truth. Listen to the speech: Here


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