African American’s Clinging to Their Bibles Today at Whitney Houston’s Funeral

Whitney Houston’s funeral shows Christianity strong in the Black Community.  The Christianity that most of us know and love, not the racist, bigoted Reverend Wright – Black Theology, but 4 hours of Bible readings and uplifting, comforting spiritual music.

I read several posts this week from Republicans and Libertarians, with fear in their writings, that Rick Santorum will tear apart the Republican Party with his “extreme” views.  I wonder if it’s time to tear it apart.   Those Secularists, Ron Paul supporters and the far left should once and for all join forces and let spiritual people reclaim this country and put things back on track FOR ALL.

80% of our founders were Christian MINISTERS.    Our country is free for all to worship, because of Christians.

A Christian, whether it is Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich, delivering a clear message, BASED, in Judeo-Christian heritage, should be welcomed to 80% of our nation.  I would love to think that many of the other 20% would know full well that the 10 Commandments, although maybe not their “thang” would know that they are good rules to live by.

Tell me how many people think that our country is truly on a good spiritual course?   I submit it would be a very small number.

Christians: “Be Not Afraid”.   The President can only run on skin color and divide us by it, if we are fearful of that fight.

This congregation felt like “family” to me.


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