Liberal blames Bishops for WORLD OVER-POPULATION

I listen to A LOT of liberals on tv and on the radio. I do this so I can better understand their logic, their principles and their perspective. This morning, after I dropped my kids off at school, I turned on liberal Alex Bennett’s Sirrius/XM radio show. I can’t listen to him while the kids are in the car because America Left channel on Sirruis/XM does not censor the hosts and so Alex regularly uses the F-word. Call me old fashion, but I like to keep the little ears in my car safe.

Anyway, Alex was talking about Catholics and birth control. Of course, he argues that the Bishops should be made to have insurance that covers all forms of birth control. But, Alex took this issue beyond the typical women’s rights argument. He called out the Bishops for being irresponsible because they don’t support POPULATION CONTROL!

Folks, you need to WAKE UP! These Democrats want control over our health care so that they can better control overpopulation. I recall when Vice President Biden praised the one child rule in China. As Nancy Pelosi says, we have to pass this (obamacare) so we can see what’s in it. And, we are finding out that obamacare is about taking away our freedoms and handing it over to the government!

Listen to my amateurish recording of  leftwinger Alex Bennett talking about this.



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