On CSPAN, Democrat takes GREAT OFFENSE at MY Tweet!

Last week, a liberal democrat congresswoman was on CSPAN’s Washington Journal. She was defending the Obamacare mandate that restricts the religious freedom of the Catholic Church. She claims that the Obama administration has balanced the “full health care needs for women” with the very “real concerns” of the Church. So, apparently government now has moral authority over the Church. I would like Rep. DeGette to tell me where in the Constitution does President Obama draw the authority to dictate women’s health care!

I have heard numerous democrats quote a statistic that 98% of Catholic women take some form of contraceptives as if this grounds for forcing the Church to supply free contraceptives! With this liberal logic, why not just say that because 100% of those who attend Church are sinners, the Church needs to stop speaking out against sin!

The truth is the government is forcing its morals on Christians. Through its tax exemption and grant money, the Church, it seems is at the mercy of the Obama administration to submit to his authority or be punished.

This isn’t the first case that Obama has attacked people of the Christian faith.

In the military, Christian chaplains can no longer publicly define marriage as between one man and one woman. In adoptions, Catholic charities have had to stop placing children in some states because it refused to place children with same gender couples. Because it doesn’t offer abortion information, Catholic charities no longer counsels victims of human trafficking.

If Obama is re-elected, it won’t be long until the unleashed liberals in his administration label the Church as an organization of “hate” for its teachings on sexual immorality. The end goal of liberal activists is to make the Church yield to gay marriage and abortion.

I hope that Catholic Church leaders who sought to cozy up to such an extreme left secularist like Obama now regret their ways!




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