Obama Propaganda Tour in Central Florida

Michelle Obama campaigning, I mean, “dining” in central Florida!

The first lady came to the house of the Halls family to eat dinner. The Orlando Sentinel reported that the Halls family was “selected because they have started to eat healthier”! LOL!

Seriously, has anybody noticed that the Obamas seem to be in the Orlando area every other week? Of course, it has NOTHING to do with the fact that the I-4 corridor is crucial to Obama’s re-election <insert sarcastic tone>! The Sentinel plays along with the propaganda very well and doesn’t call the President and his wife out for it! On the other hand, if Governor Rick Scott visits a school, the Sentinel screams: PUBLICITY STUNT! What a double standard!

Anyway, in my house, a visit from the first lady for eating healthier would only encourage make my kids to stop eating their veggies! Talk about an unwelcome houseguest!


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