How many times have I said “If only Sarah would run”! With the way the GOP playing field has taken shape, it is tough on this conservative to passionately throw myself into the 2012 Presidential Election.

Mark America

My bride wasn’t home when Sarah Palin spoke at CPAC, so she wasn’t able to view the event live.  When she arrived home, we relaxed in front of the television, and I played the event on the DVR. After watching the event, I asked my wife for her impression.  It matched most of the comments here on my little blog site, and it was comprised of a single question:  “Why in the hell isn’t she our candidate?”  Here we had the person many consider to be the most eminently qualified to lead us out of our national quagmire, and she isn’t a candidate in this race.  Here was the most thoroughly engaging and compelling speech of this entire campaign season, and it was delivered by a non-candidate who some in the GOP establishment tell us is “unelectable.”  By what standard?  For my part, I have lost all patience for this…

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  1. Glad to hear of your website. Keep posting Mark America and you have the truth. If you haven’t read Hayek, The Road to Serfdom, read it, but chapter “The End of Truth” explains our situation, media control and control of religious factions and other objectors, all must adhere and give in to “the authority”.

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