Septic Systems Bill Passed Favorably By Budget Subcommittee


Just in from TallahasseeSB 820(the septic systems bill) was passed favorably by the the Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services Appropriations yesterday.  It is now in the Senate Budget Committee and could be heard as early as next week.  Your opinion can make a difference. Following are the names of those Senators on the committee should you wish to contact them:


Senator JD Alexander (R)

Vice Chair:

Senator Joe Negron (R)

The House Companion, HB 999 is in position to be on the agenda in the Appropriations Committee, also potentially next week.  Following are the members of that committee should you wish to contact them:

Grimsley, Denise [R]   Chair
Dorworth, Chris [R]   Vice Chair
Chestnut IV, Charles S. “Chuck” [D]
Aubuchon, Gary [R]
Bembry, Leonard L. [D]
Coley, Marti [R]
Glorioso, Richard “Rich” [R]
Hooper, Ed [R]
Horner, Mike [R]
Hudson, Matt [R]
Hukill, Dorothy L. [R]
Jones, Mia L. [D]
Kiar, Martin David “Marty” [D]
Kreegel, Paige [R]
McKeel, Seth [R]
O’Toole, H. Marlene [R]
Porth, Ari Abraham [D]
Proctor, William L. “Bill” [R]
Rouson, Darryl Ervin [D]
Sands, Franklin [D]
Saunders, Ron [D]
Schenck, Robert C. “Rob” [R]
Snyder, William D. [R]
Williams, Trudi K. [R]

CPR will continue to be a voice in Tallahassee and keep you informed!

Dan Peterson, Executive Director


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