Septic Systems Bill To Be Heard In Committee Thursday – Take Action


February 7, 2012

The Legislative Session of 2012 has reached the half-way point and time has run out for many bills. Such is the case with the Ordinary High Water Mark (HB 1103/ SB1362). Crowded agendas and committees which will no longer meet mean that bills cannot be heard; thus they are termed “dead.”

But, there is good news with the septic systems bill (SB 820/HB 999). Last night, SB 820 was placed on the agenda of the Budget Subcommittee on Health and Human Services Appropriations. The committee meets on Thursday morning, February 9 at 8:30 am.

Once again, property rights advocates are called upon to contact committee members to express your support for this bill affecting 2.67 million property owners with septic systems. Please take a moment and send an email to the committee members listed below saying you would appreciate their favorable vote!

Thanks for your action; it is making a difference! Thanks to you, this bill has passed unanimously in both Senate committees where it has been heard. CPR will be there on Thursday and report back to you!

Chair: Senator Joe Negron (R)

Vice Chair: Senator Nan H. Rich (D)

Dan Peterson

Executive Director


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