Move Along Folks – There is Nothing to See in the Democrat Party

The Democrat Party and its proponents attempt to discredit Republicans with the false notion that the Republican Party is “the party of the rich”.  The fact is the only party that offers candidates who will work to set this country back on the right course to prosperity, which has enough credibility to win elections, is the Republican Party.  Who does that benefit?   Everyone.

“Republicanism”, as applied to government, is the implementing of policy based on the principles of limited government, the free market, and individual liberty.    The Republican Party has failed in this mission; but I don’t blame them — we are to blame.   Our ignorance regarding the founding of this country and human nature coupled with our propensity to avoid all things “politics” has put our great country in the position it is in today.

In the predictable response to our oblivion both mainstream political parties have over time ripped us off and encroached on our liberties and property as they caved to special interests and ultimately fed  their own personal goals to stay in power.

We have to work with what’s in play at the moment and the only hope we have right now is the Republican Party.  The Party will over time, thanks to the hard work of tea party and other liberty minded people and organizations, be transformed to its original intent.    How will that happen?   It’s called “Conservatism”.   We have members of both Houses and candidates on deck right now who understand the genius of the US Constitution, how it protects everyones’ rights, and how those rights are experienced within the context of the Rule of Law.   One cannot respect these values and be a Democrat given the no-solutions presentation we are seeing from the Democrat Party today.  The Republican Party will change, but the planks of the Democrat party show no sign of evolution.  Its members will continue to grab for power at the peoples’ expense and for the ears of the uninformed, they call it “compassion”.

For the last several years I and millions across the country have been on a mission.  The goal is to restore this country to its original system of operation by seeking and supporting candidates who will propose and implement public policy based on our founding principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual liberty, property rights, and strong national defense.

The kind of candidates who support these principles are not to be found in the Democrat Party.   The Democrat Party is holding and extending its power by implementing a strategy of wealth redistribution; the exact opposite of wealth accumulation which is one of the prizes of individualism.  Two examples of wealth redistribution are our systems of welfare and public education.   It’s easy to align oneself with the Democrat Party when it presents as the party of “compassion” — what could possibly be wrong with “helping people”?

What’s wrong, in the case of our system of welfare, is that it has not “helped”.   Instead it has created an environment where too many people have made it a career to depend on government for its sustenance and leisure.  What mostly follows is their descendants inherit this “family business”.    It is human nature to relax and dispense with personal ambition when someone else is providing for ones needs.     The “poor” are not getting poorer; they are simply staying poor.  This is not a call to end assistance to those in need.  It is a call to reform this system such that it does not perpetuate the condition of poverty.   The Democrat Party is not interested in that kind of solution.  It benefits the Democrat Party to keep people wanting.  It benefits the Democrat party to justify ever increasing spending by explaining it is “to help people”.  It doesn’t take too much work to cultivate loyalty by appealing to the peoples’ good nature and charitable instincts.

We have a multitude of problems and they can be solved if we come to understand what liberty is and return to our founding principles.   Our government must return to our founding principles.   You will not find candidates in the Democrat Party who give a damn about this, but you will in the Republican Party.  Mind you, not all Republicans appreciate these tried and true ideas; there are many who are happy to continue on this road to destruction.   And the taxpayer has the privilege of paying for it.

If one continues to vote Democrat he must admit to himself and his countrymen that he believes it is the right of government to confiscate his hard earned money anytime, anywhere, in any amount, and for anything in all cases whatsoever.  He must own up to his belief that the government is his sovereign.   As for myself – “Give me liberty or give me death!”


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