What is the Cost of a Immoral/Unethical Society?

As I look around at the changes in our nation in regard to jobs and the work place, I can’t help but notice that we spend an awful lot of time, energy, money and resources on things that we wouldn’t need to, if we had a moral/ethical society.

We have alarm systems on our homes, we have all type of security systems for our computers, we have parental controls on our TV’s, we spend a lot of tax payer money on police officers who have to chase  bad guys (and gals) all day long.

We spend extra money on car alarms, special phone apps to find if stolen.

Every injustice or discomfort is promptly followed up by a lawsuit.   Now we’re using our resources for insurance to protect from these lawsuits, we pay our court systems and judges to listen to a high percentage of nonsense every day.   We must support jails and prisons to hold the offenders.

We have people who would be otherwise working, productive members of society drunk, stoned or high on drugs…………which causes other immoral behavior and the circle continues.

How much tax payer money could be spent improving lifestyle, if people waited until they were married and financially able to care for children.  (no absolutes, just step in the right direction)

How much tax payer money do we shell out to those who are unemployable because they didn’t sit and learn in the seat that was provided for them through high school?

We pay extra for products so that they can’t be taken out of a store by a thief.  I had to have someone unlock a security monitor on a pair of $10 ear buds the other day.

I grew up in a time where people could pay for gasoline with a personal check………..and I’m hardly THAT old.     Not small town U.S.A., but big city U.S.A.

I just have to stop and wonder what we are NOT spending money on to improve society and the lives of individual Americans, because we spend so much trying to legislate morality without being allowed to TEACH morality.


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