Public Employee Union Wages War on Mitt Romney in Florida

The AFSCME (American Federation of  State, County and Municipal Employees) has dropped $800,000 to run this anti-Mitt Romney in the Florida GOP primary.

AFSCME spent a total of $1.4 million dollars in Florida during the entire 2010 election cycle. (98% of the AFSCME contributions go to Democrats). We are very early in the election cycle for the union to already be spending that much cash.

By likening Mitt Romney to Governor Rick Scott, the union hopes to capitalize on the low popularity of the governor. A Quinnipiac poll shows his approval rating among Floridians at 38%. The AFSCME ad kills two birds with one stone: 1. Like the DNC, the AFSCME sees Mitt Romney as the most likely candidate to win the GOP nomination, so weakening him is a good strategic move.  2. Given the changes Rick Scott facilitated in public employee benefits, AFSCME relishes the opportunity to attack the governor.

This is a harbinger of the intensity of Big Labor’s Florida campaign effort as we move toward the presidential election.  While Florida is a right to work state, that will not keep the public sector unions from trying to influence the vote by pouring millions of dollars into our state. They will hire canvassers, buy ads and bus people in from other states to win the swing state of Florida for Obama.

This video describes three dangers of  public sector employee unions on the economy.


2 thoughts on “Public Employee Union Wages War on Mitt Romney in Florida

  1. You’re kidding, right?

    The AFSCME ad is intended to gin up the GOP base and bring Romney to the forefront so the he is the GOP nominee.


    Me thinks you are a bit tone deaf and, perhaps, a bit naive.

    • Am I kidding about what?
      I do not believe the AFSCME is using reverse psychology on the GOP base by running negative ads about Romney in hopes of getting Romney nominated.
      I believe that the AFSCME believes that the nominee WILL be Mitt Romney and that is why it has already started hitting him hard with expensive attack ads.
      Whether or not the AFSCME wants Mitt Romney to be the nominee because it believes they can “crush him in a landslide”, I did not speculate.
      It is my personal opinion that Mitt Romney has done nothing to embrace the GOP base and this is why he will NOT win the nomination. I’m thinking that the momentum is with Newt Gingrich, however as things seem to change by the day.
      Maybe Super Tuesday will bring some clarity.

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