The Mouse, His Handout and Obama

OH, NO IT DIDN’T! Oh, YES, it did! The Orlando Sentinel writes how Obama “delighted” guests at Disney today in Orlando!

“President Barack Obama delighted guests, supporters and VIPs with a visit to Walt Disney World, in Lake Buena Vista, Thursday.” Read More

Give me a BREAK! Can we stop this Media Love Affair with Obama? Rather than de-light, Obama’s trip to Disney hi-lighted the depths of CRONY CAPITALISM here in Central Florida!

It looks like Disney is set to be come the G.E. of Florida! Like G.E., who pays ZERO in taxes, and whose CEO  heads Obama’s Economic Advisory Panel, Disney appears to be wanting in on this crony capitalism. ABC News, who is owned by the Disney corporation, shamelessly plugged this event and Obama’s tourism package! As a friend of mine pointed out, Obama’s deliberate devaluing of the American dollar will do more to promote tourism than any VISA reform!

In addition to the national scene, Disney is also courting our state lawmakers. In Tallahassee, Disney lobbyists are working to secure some corporate welfare totaling millions, while Florida Tax payers flip the bill.

Locally, Walt Disney publicly supported Teresa Jacobs’ run for Orange County mayor and now its time for them to cash in.  Mayor Jacobs is looking to award Disney millions in tax breaks!

We need to stop our government from picking the winners and losers! When Universal expanded its park to include Harry Potter’s World, it did so without a handout from the government. Why should Disney enjoy tax breaks, while others who don’t have enough money to buy politicians receive no breaks?

By the way, if you want to help stop this nonsense “VOTE NO” on Teresa Jacobs’ “Corporate Welfare Referendum” on January 31st.



3 thoughts on “The Mouse, His Handout and Obama

  1. I don’t think you should use Universal as an example of a company with no tax breaks…the are owned by NBC/Universal…i.e. GE.

  2. President Zero comes to Disney to discuss his plan to promote foreign tourism by making it easier for foreigners to come to this country for vacation? Walking along International Drive, all one hears’ are foreign languages! Americans like vacations too! Oh, we cant. We are not working and cant afford it.

    This president picking the winners and losers……………

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