Obama’s Fantasy Land

Tomorrow, Obama is coming to Central Florida touting his “sketchy tourism plan”, but we know the real reason behind  this visit is because the swing state of Florida is very important if Obama is to win re-election in 2012. No other area of the state is more up for grabs than the I-4 corridor.

Obama’s future travel plans, which of course is at the expense of the taxpayers, looks more like a campaign trail than anything else. After his state of the union address next week, Air Force One will be touching down in 5 swing states-Iowa, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Michigan.

It is interesting that Florida’s senior U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, a democrat who is also up for re-election and resides in central Florida, will NOT be appearing with the President. Having spent a lifetime in politics as a moderate or blue dog democrat, Senator Nelson looks like he’s trying to distance himself from the Obama agenda. But, voters won’t be fooled!

Let Bill Nelson know that you haven’t forgotten his voting record! Send him a tweet or post a comment at Facebook

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