Florida Redistricting: Who Won?

Remember the redistricting meetings that the Republicans hosted throughout the state last summer?

The Miami Herald reported the July 27th public meeting in Orlando was particularly raucous.  The leftwing media in Florida created the narrative: The Public vs the Evil Republicans. Running headlines suggesting Republican conspiracy and deceit, the media went to work trying to shape public opinion against any redistricting map the state republicans may draw.

Yesterday, however, the majority of State Senate Democrats voted to approve the redistricting maps that were drawn by the Republicans. This overwhelming bi-partisan support of the redistricting maps exposes the complicity of the Florida media. The reported “public outrage” was no more than talking points being read by activists from liberal front groups such as the League of Women Voters, The National Council of LaRaza, Common Cause, and  the NAACP. To represent this staged political theater as indicative of public sentiment puts the journalism integrity of the Florida media on the line!

The story that the media neglected for the most part was how elected republicans AND democrats work to together to maintain party power in their districts. Protecting incumbents works both ways and that’s really how lines get drawn. But, the media just wanted to take cheap shots at republicans rather than inform the readers.

You can leave a comment with the Central Florida Political Pulse at the Orlando Sentinel comment platform


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