No, Scott Maxwell,YOU are a Joke, not Orlando!

On January 8th, I criticized Orlando Sentinel Scott Maxwell for devoting a whole column to defending Occupy’s right to deface our public space, our public monuments and our public buildings with chalk in a post entitled “Orlando Sentinel’s Occupy Orlando Obsession“.  I reasoned that with the Florida Legislative session about to begin, there most be something more news worthy.

But, not even a week has gone by, and Scott Maxwell has devoted yet ANOTHER ENTIRE column to the Occupy arrest!

With chalk arrest, Orlando is again the joke

January 12, 2012|Scott Maxwell, TAKING NAMES

Most people already knew Orlando’s decision to arrest someone for using sidewalk chalk was ridiculous. Read more…

Readers of the Sentinel have to realize that Mr. Maxwell isn’t writing this column to inform central Floridians about this. Mr. Maxwell is writing his column to create a narrative for the greater progressive community in hopes of igniting outrage about this arrest. Other progressive websites are picking up on this and posting exaggerated headlines such as this I found at Moral Low Ground:

American Political Prisoners: ‘Occupy Orlando’ Protester Timothy Michael Osmar Jailed for 3 Weeks for ChalkWriting on Sidewalk

 The liberals at West Orlando News Online suggest Orlando’s democrat mayor, Buddy Dyer, deserves to be bloodied by Scott Maxwell. “Let’s start backwards,” the columnist called “sources” writes, “with the glaring absence of Buddy Dyer from any of the Occupy Orlando rallies…Or, how about Awake The State rallies. Where was Buddy Dyer?”
I have yet to see the Sentinel report that this is Timothy Osmar’s second arrest in less than a month. On November 17, 2011 he was arrested in South Carolina for wearing a mask on public property. Perhaps Scott Maxwell can devote his next column on how ridiculous that arrest is. I mean we all should be allowed to wear a mask and use chalk. It’s just kids stuff right? Well, Occupy needs to grow up!

One thought on “No, Scott Maxwell,YOU are a Joke, not Orlando!

  1. This article reminds me of the incident in Oakland where Occupy protestors stormed a bank, many of the wearing masks and carrying various objects that could easily be used as weapons. My thought them was that if the armed guard that was in the bank at the time had over-reacted, some of these antagonists could have seriously injured or killed. Seems Scott Maxwell would pin that on ‘the man’ too…

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