Liberal Love Affair with Che Lives on….

The Headlines are saying “Mercedes’ New Che Ad Not a Hit with Conservatives”

So CONSERVATIVES are the ONLY ONES who have a problem with the GLORIFICATION of a bloodthirsty, indiscriminate murderer of thousands? It is really revealing to see what shortcomings liberals are willing to overlook of those who share their Marxist political philosophy! How liberals, socialists, progressives, Marxists, Communists (they are all the same, it’s just a matter of re-branding) can romanticize a cold blooded killer into an icon that the ignorant, or maybe the not-so- ignorant, will proudly display just blows my mind!

The socialists at Mercedes are not the first ones to pay homage to Che.

Here is an interview with an Occupy protester from Portland with a Che flag:


Here is an interview with an Obama Campaign staffer about the superimposed image of Che on a Cuban flag that was prominently displayed in a Texas Obama volunteer office.


It is important to know history because human nature does not change. Make sure your kids know the real story so that they never don apparel with his mug.

Here is a brief, simplified presentation of Che’s life. It doesn’t contain the gruesome photos of Che’s point blank murders that he committed:

Here is the phone number for Mercedes (1-800-367-6372). Even though they have apologized, they need a history lesson!



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