Wasserman-Shultz ignores Occupy, Blames Tea Party

While the base of the Democrat Party, known as Occupy Movement, is shutting down shipping ports, defecating on police cars, storming buildings where conservatives congregate and disrupting Republican events, Debbie Wasserman Schultz blames the Tea Party Movement for taking American politics to “whole different level.”  Wasserman-Schultz has publicly declared her support of the violence-plagued Occupy Movement and says that it is “symbolic of the frustration of the working people.”

Besides TOTALLY IGNORING  the Occupy Movement, Ms. Wasserman Schultz appears to have amnesia about the whole slew of heated accusations being hurled from her Democrat colleagues in the Congress.

Has she forgotten when Rep. Frederica Wilson, Democrat from Florida, declared the “REAL ENEMY” to be tea party?

And, has forgotten when Rep. Louise Slaughter, Democrat from New York, said Tea Party congress members were elected to “KILL WOMEN“?

And, has she forgotten when former Speaker of the House, California Democrat Nancy Pelosi claimed tea party members carried SWASTIKAS to town hall meetings.

Please remind Ms Wasserman Schultz that it is the DEMOCRAT PARTY LEADERSHIP who needs to stop the over-the-top rhetoric!

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