Orlando Sentinel’s Occupy Orlando Obsession

With the 2012 Florida Legislative session about to begin on Tuesday, Sentinel Columnist Scott Maxwell devotes an entire column defending Occupy Orlando’s defacing of the public plaza at Orlando City Hall with chalk. An event that happened over 2 weeks ago.

I don’t know what’s more offensive, OO’s tactics of taunting police and then crying police state, or the liberal media’s attempt to drive a narrative for the occupy movement to draw public sympathy.

The truth about OO is that there is no official occupation site, there has been over 40 arrests, it is plagued with internal struggles between organizers,  and that the failed movement is being propped up the liberal media.

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4 thoughts on “Orlando Sentinel’s Occupy Orlando Obsession

  1. The official occupation is at City Commons Plaza, located outside City Hall. What group doesn’t have internal struggles? It happens, we work through things, and it makes us better. There have been about 50 arrests, most were completely unjustified and several cases have already been dropped due to the unjust arrests. We have never taunted the police until they have done something innapropriate. In fact, we regularly have good conversation with the officers about what we are doing and many of them agree with us in our message and goals. Screw liberal media, screw conservative media. All the media is bought and sold by huge corporations that don’t give a crap about the people or that they are supposed to be reporting news. We make our own news, and this is why all occupations have media teams that get the real news out there. The point of the Sentinel’s article was because it is completely ridiculous to sit in jail for almost an entire month for using chalk. Chalk washes off therefore doesn’t destroy or deface. And the messages were of hope and freedom, not vulgar in any way.

  2. In what way is writing Pro-American statements on the public side walk with chalk a taunt to the police? When you are no longer allowed to peacefully demonstrate in such a way, it is EXACTLY the way a police state begins to develop. It doesn’t matter if it is liberal or conservative, the act of one’s free speech should NEVER be quelled in such a disgusting manner by their government or police force.

    Also, the comment above by Laura points out many in-factual and misguided statements made…I don’t know what is more offensive, this article’s ignorance of the facts, or this article’s anti-first amendment overtone.

    • Occupy Orlando can stand for the right to deface all public spaces, all public statues and monuments and all public buildings with chalk but to believe that this advances the cause of freedom is complete immaturity of thought. I suggest joining a hopscotch support group.

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