Am I Being a Prude?

Is it just me?    I say this to myself on a daily basis.   My husband and I are raising a beautiful, 11 year old girl.   We are raising her to be a good person, a moral person, a God loving person, a modest person.

Why is it that I am fighting society at every turn?  Is anyone with me on this? The clothing for children is crude and unattractive.  Music for young people is full of relationship angst, depression, sex and violence.   Just the other day, my daughter was channel surfing and found the good old “Star Wars” movie.   She was so excited to watch and I went about my business.   I walk back into the room 30 minutes later to see a condom being put on an anatomically correct “model”.   Are you kidding me?  I have parental controls set at PG13 but I guess we can’t protect the commercials from coming into our homes.

When did parents lose control of raising our children?   When did sex, become the same as trying on shoes?   May I digress on the constant erectile dysfunction commercials at all hours of the morning and day?   Shouldn’t that be something discussed between a man and his doctor?

If we are to survive as a moral culture, each of us has to fight back, in a vocal manner against the coarsening of our society and the corruption of our innocent children.


One thought on “Am I Being a Prude?

  1. You are NO prude! Funny I just said that very thing the other evening when I was asked a very disrespectful question from a man while dining with new acquaintances. My husband had no part of that and went on a rant explaining what is wrong with our demoralized society. I must say, his points (and now yours) made me one of the happiest wives/moms in history!

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