FL Democrat Targets Absentee Ballot for its Vulnerability

Yesterday, I wrote a post about Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida. In my research for the post I came across a video entitled “Rep. Frederica Wilson has a plan to circumvent voter suppression law.”  Since I have been writing about the Democrats and their voter suppression campaign, I was very curious to hear more about her plan.

Democrats have defined voter suppression as requiring photo ID to vote and reducing early election days from 14 to 8 days. However, 70% of Americans believe that requiring identification is reasonable. Democrats tell us that voter fraud is nonexistent and that Republicans are deliberately disenfranchising voters, which they say is voter suppression.

In Florida, we have had several cases of this “nonexistent” voter fraud.

1. Eight arrests in Madison County including the Supervisor of Elections and School Board Official (11/2011)

2. Two arrests in Daytona Beach including a City Commissioner (10/2010)

3. One arrest in Collier County , ACORN (9/2008)

4. Eleven arrests in Miami, ACORN (9/2009)

5. Miami-Dade Ethics Commission finds “Unscrupulous” practices at Assisted Living Facility (11/2011)

6. Miami Mayoral voter fraud (11/1997)

One of the common threads in these cases of voter fraud is the absentee ballot. Unfortunately, the new voter law makes the absentee ballot system even more vulnerable to fraud. Voters can request to have their absentee ballots sent to an address other than the registered one. There is no photo identification  requirements for the absentee ballot system.

So, back to Rep. Frederica Wilson and her plan to circumvent the so-called voter suppression law. In this video, she identifies the weakness in the absentee ballot and plans to exploit it.

Ironically, it is Rep. Frederica Wilson who should get herself an absentee ballot. Her voting record in congress indicates she has the worst attendance record of the Florida Delegation.


2 thoughts on “FL Democrat Targets Absentee Ballot for its Vulnerability

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