Minimum Wage Fallacy & Media’s Incompetence

Florida Minimum Wage goes up today from $7.31 to $7.67.  Progressive church leaders, politicians and community activists have declared victory in the name of ambiguous terms such as “social justice” and “living wage.” That’s good news for the Florida worker, right?

According to the complicit, agenda-driven liberal Florida Media there are great things to come for the workers. The Banner at reports:

“That’s good news for the 253,000 Florida workers earning at or below minimum wage, according to 2010 numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Thousands earning slightly more also will benefit as businesses bump up their pay in line with their current wage structures.

The additional pay likely will be injected back into local economies since low-wage earners tend to spend what they make.”

Only a greedy 1%er would rain on this victory celebration, right? I mean who could be for social injustice or for a nonliving wage, right?

The Banner casually mentions the concerns of business owners but offers no further explanation to suggest that this notion could possibly be grounded in historical fact:

‘Some business groups say minimum wage increases mean fewer jobs, however, as the added cost per employee means they can’t fill as many jobs.”

C.A.T.O. points out that the liberal narrative in which the minimum wage helps working families ignores the fact that the large majority of minimum wage earners are usually younger with no dependents and are upwardly mobile as they develop skills and gain experience. Only a small portion of low wage earners actually stay at that low pay scale.

Another fact that dispels this liberal myth that the minimum wage helps lower skilled workers, young inexperienced workers and workers from minority groups, is that the data shows that the unemployment rate among these groups actually increases when artificially high wages are set by the government rather than by supply and demand.

So, this Progressive victory lap will not last long. This minimum wage increase will not create jobs for the unemployed Floridians, in fact data shows it will do the opposite.

Progressives will still look at society and see inequality and disparity in incomes. We need to realize that progressives will not be happy with what they see until a maximum wage cap is enacted. Even President Obama has suggested as much when he went of script to say “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money”. This is what the occupy movement is really about. Giving more power to the government to make life fair. Never mind equal opportunity, Progressive Policies are about equal outcomes!


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