Best L@L Moment of 2011

The Best L@L (Laugh at Liberals) Moment of 2011 took place not surprisingly during the WeinerGate Scandal.

First, let me just say that what former U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner did was no laughing matter and that I truly hope that he repents and changes his ways for the sake of his wife and newborn son.

That being said, the aftermath of his tweet that included the now infamous picture of his grey boxer-briefs was a public relations nightmare. It was a series of hilarously awkward moments like when Weiner’s couldn’t “with certitude” identify the crotch shot as his, his bizarre impromptu press conference where he repeatedly spoke of pie throwing and actually ended up calling one of the reporters a “jackass” and then days later Weiner’s tardiness at his own press conference resulted in Andrew Breitbart, the blogger responsible for capturing the damning tweet in the first place, stepping up to the podium and answering reporters’ questions in Weiner’s absence.

But nothing can compare to when the liberals had to eat crow after Weiner admitted his guilt. Liberals had wasted the whole week coming up with silly conspiracy theories of how Andrew Breitbart and his minions had framed the congressman. The MOST laughable moment was when Liberal, Joan Walsh of, who had agressively defended Weiner’s innocence, dismissed all the allegations as  rightwing smears and personally attacked Andrew Breitbart, went on MSNBC’s Ed Show and had to admit she looked stupid defending Weiner.

But, even though Walsh admits she was TOTALLY wrong about Weiner, she has never apologized to Breitbart for fingering him as a culprit who had set up the whole scandal!


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