Liberals Rewriting History

Today, Barry Lyn, director of  Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, was the guest on Cspan’s Washington Journal. His group recently tried to stop a high school valedictorian from giving remarks at her graduation ceremony that could be considered a prayer. A legal battle ensued with Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel defending the valedictorian’s freedom of speech and I’m glad to report that freedom prevailed, the valedictorian was permitted to express her faith without being arrested.

This morning, Mr. Lyn claimed that the Declaration of Independence was NOT a founding document. When Abraham Lincoln proclaimed in the Gettysburg Address that “four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth a new nation,” he was referring to 1776 and the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution which was adopted over a decade later in 1787. Our county’s birth has always been marked by the signing of the Declaration of the Independence, not the adoption of  the Constitution.

Mr. Lyn went on to separate our founders from their Christian faith. I became so fed up by his false assertions, that I grabbed my phone to tweet a question to the Washington Journal for Mr. Lyn. If Mr. Lyn believes that removing all mentions of faith in public life, including a high school graduation ceremony, is something our founding fathers would advocate, I wanted to know why Benjamin Franklin, probably the least religious of the founders, would instruct schools to teach from the Bible. Watch how Mr. Lyn stumbles to formulate his response and then note how he uses a joke to distract attention from the inadequacy of his answer.

My follow up question would have included the fact that one of the first acts of the first congress was to call for the publishing of the first American Bible. So much for the separation of the church and state.

This is exactly why all conservatives need to sign up on Twitter. Through Twitter, we can challenge liberals in real time on television. This was the third time one of my tweets was read on television. The other two times were on CNN. Tweeting is much more fun than throwing my shoe at the TV when liberals say stupid things!


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