FAMU: media driving the story

A quick glance at the headlines around the state about the death of Florida A&M University (FAMU) drum major Robert Champion on November 19 as a result of hazing, reveals the agenda of  Florida liberal media in its reporting of this story.

Never mind FAMU’s ongoing financial scandals, loss of accreditation and a culture of hazing, instead the Florida press with its obsessive hatred of Rick Scott, will focus on demonizing Rick Scott for “interfering” in the black college’s business. In a story that should be centered around the need for leadership at FAMU, the Florida liberal media will instead run headlines criticizing Rick Scott’s handling of this event.

If Scott is too involved, it’ll be because he’s a racist. If Rick Scott is not involved enough, it’ll be because he’s a racist.

Here are some headlines from December 19th.


  • FAMU trustees reject Gov. Rick Scott’s request to      suspend school president-Times/Herald

  • Fla. Gov. gets lesson in higher education politics-Associate Press
  • FAMU trustees defy Scott, do not suspend Ammons-Orlando Sentinel


Do you see the narrative starting to form? The liberals are desperately trying to influence public perception and direct the conversation.

Rick Scott wisely had called for the suspension of FAMU President during the investigation to insure that it was not influenced. However, the Board that governs FAMU has decided to not only keep the president in place (with his $325,000 a year salary), the students who are involved in the deadly hazing have had their expulsions overturned and the now the band director is seeking his reinstatement.

I wonder how in the midst of this circus will justice be served in the murder of FAMU student, Robert Champion.


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