MEDIA NARRATIVE: “Republicans are Racist”

A Miami Herald journalist is reporting that blacks in a predominately black crowd of FAMU protestors took offense when Governor Rick Scott told them that he grew up in a housing project. Some in the crowd believed that the governor assumed that since they were black they were poor.

However, the media didn’t report any outrage from the black community when former President Clinton recently said that most Florida convicted felons “were African Americans and Hispanics.”

Nor was outrage reported of the black community when the DNC chairman Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz equated voter identification laws with Jim Crow Laws as if  black citizens were not capable of  getting an identification card.

The agenda-driven media posts this headline to stir the pot.

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From the Miami Herald Blog

Rick Scott irks FAMU protesters when he says: ‘I come from public housing.’

Hundreds of students from Florida’s largest historically black college marched on the governor’s mansion this evening to protest Rick Scott’s call for the suspension of FAMU’s leader in the wake of a hazing death and a savage beating of two members of the “Marching 100” band.

Scott came out to address the crowd, but according to the Florida Courier, he bothered a few of them who thought he suggested that black students are poor.

“I come from public housing,” Scott told the students, according to the Florida Courier, citing cell phone and audio reports.

“Not all of us are poor!” Some shouted back.

Said the Florida Courier: “The crowd did not give Scott a chance to finish his response to the question.”

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