It’s The Great Obama, Charlie Brown

PumpkinPatch15LRBy Paula Helton

Like Linus spending the night in the pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin, the OWS crowd has camped out across America waiting for their version of the Great Pumpkin; the Great Obama.

He has promised to make their lives better by consolidating their student loans and reducing their payment.

Ah, it’s a magical time in the pumpkin patch, unless they saw Charles Krauthammer on October 27th on Fox News state “If students knew truth of loan plan, Obama would’ve been laughed out of that auditorium.”

He went on to state “the plan is totally incoherent; the numbers were run by an economics correspondent today in the Atlantic magazine. And it turns out what he is offering the students is between $4.50 and $7.70 a month of relief.”

One would think the Great Obama would offer the Pumpkin Patch crowd more than $7.70 per month for their vote.

Linus was convinced the Great Pumpkin would come upon seeing the sincerity of his patch.

Just as Linus was repeatedly told the Great Pumpkin was a fake, so have the Occupiers been told of the falseness of the Great Obama. They refuse to see that by giving control of their lives to the Great Obama, they will have no life. They will more closely resemble Charlie Brown receiving nothing but rocks as they put their faith in a man and his ghouls that care nothing about their future – they simply wish to control it.

Will the Occupiers awaken to the fact they are being manipulated and discover there is no Great Obama, or like Linus, angrily vow he will come to the Pumpkin Patch next year?


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